The Silvered - Tanya Huff It seems like this is going to be a good series. I have read other Tanya Huff books and like them. This one has a very interesting world where mages and werewolves are on one side of a conflict and technology is on the other. The Emperor who leads the tech side is crazy and has decided that the mages and their werewolf consorts are "abominations" and therefore not human. While practicing magic is bad, the Emperor uses Soothsayers prophecies to guide his decision to capture all the high-level mages and then experiment on them.

Our heroine, Mirian, is mage who flunked her university courses and has no "mage marks" in here eyes, even though she tested high for mage power. Tomas is the younger brother of the Pack Leader, and the last survivor of the battle to hold their border against the Emperor. They find themselves thrown together when each of them sets off to save the captured mages and they themselves are captured by a very determined army captain, Captain Reiter.

The beginning of this was a little slow but it picked up and never stopped after about the first quarter of the book. Lots of action, not too much political intrigue, and a villain you have no problem hating made this a thoroughly enjoyable read.