The Cloud Roads - Martha Wells What a great story! This had a really interesting world setting and the people of this world were so varied and diverse! I loved the dragons, or Raksura, as they are called in this world.

Short description: Moon is a wanderer, a shape-shifter with no family. The only family he recalls having are his mother and his four siblings but they were all killed when Moon was still a child by vicious monsters called the Fell. He learns to hide his dragon form from the other "groundlings" and manages to assimilate enough to survive wandering from group to group for several years. He eventually ends up living with a group of Cordans until one night his shape shifting secret is discovered and the Cordans turn against him and stake him out in the forest for the beast to kill. He is saved unexpectedly by someone who appears to be of his same shape shifter tribe. But Moon knows next to nothing about his people and he desperately wants to find a place where he truly belongs. So Moon agrees to accompany his rescuer, Stone, to the Indigo Cloud court where a tribe of his people are living but are being threatened by the same monsters that killed Moon's family.

I believe this is a series so I am going to track down the next one this weekend. Please library, have the second book!