The Likeness - Tana French Second in series. Told from the perspective of Cassie Maddox.

The disaster of Operation Vestal still keeps Cassie awake at night and although she has transferred to the Domestic Violence team, she is still haunted by the mistakes of her previous case and the loss she feels with the dissolution of her partnership with Rob Ryan. She has been trying to put the past behind her and move forward. She has even gotten further involved with Sam O'Neill, another detective from the Murder Squad. One day Sam calls her in a panic and asks Cassie to meet him in a village and to try to avoid telling anyone where she's going or being seen in the area once she arrives. Intrigued, Cassie heads out. To her surprise, Frank, her old boss from her days undercover, is there waiting with Sam. They lead her through the fields to a tumble-down cottage that now shelters a body, that of one Lexie Madison. The kicker is Lexie Madison was the alias that Cassie used on her last undercover case and this Lexie looks just like Cassie, a near exact likeness.

I was glad to read about Cassie's feelings toward Rob and how she tries to work through her grief and loss. I felt like this was totally overlooked at the end of the first book and one of the reasons I wasn't satisfied with the ending of that book. The mystery in this one was pretty good and tracking Lexie back to her original roots was interesting.