The Eleventh Plague - Jeff Hirsch Why do I love these post-apocalyptic books so much? And the zombies... I love zombies. This book doesn't have zombies but the world is in ruins after a world war and killer flu virus called P11, the Eleventh Plague. Stephen and his dad and grandpa have been surviving as salvagers, traversing the US from South to North and back again, collecting anything they can sell at the big camps in Canada and Florida. Things take a dramatic turn for the worse when grandpa dies suddenly and then dad gets hurt so badly that he falls into a coma. Luck finds Stephen and his father in the bottom of a ravine when some other survivors are searching the area. It turns out these people are from a place called Settlers' Landing where they have created a sanctuary of pre-Collapse America. They live in actual houses, go to school, have parks and playgrounds, and even celebrate Thanksgiving. Stephen is utterly dumb-founded and completely lost. He has never experienced life pre-Collapse and he longs to stay there and take the opportunity at a normal life. But the world is not what it was, and the sanctuary is not as safe as he thought.

I really hope there is a second book. The character of Jenny needs her own story.