Untitled Downside Ghosts - Stacia Kane While not the best in the series, this one still had me riveted for two nights. My daughter and I were in a race to the finish, hoping and praying that Chess wouldn't entirely f**k up her relationship with Terrible. True to form, Chess jumps from the frying pan to the fire when she agrees to investigate a haunting at a secondary school. When she looks up the address she finds that this school is in Downside, right smack in the middle of Slobag's territory. And anything that happens in Slobag's territory is bound to come to the attention of Lex, Slobag's son and the guy Chess was sleeping with while trying to get together with Terrible; the guy that Terrible actually caught her with, causing their heartbreaking break up in the previous books.

Lots of relationship angst in this one, but still some kick-ass action when Chess starts to investigate and uncover the source of the haunting at the school. We also meet Beulah, also known as Blue, Lex's sister. She and Chess actually end this in a sort of weird friendship that I am not at all certain they will be able to maintain, especially after the events of this book. Definitely looking forward to the next one!