Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig Blackbirds is a very dark, very funny story about a young lady named Miriam Black. Miriam has a special gift. She sees dead people. Or rather, she sees death. One touch and she will visualize the person she's touching in the their final moments on this earthly plane. She knows exactly when and exactly how they die. But Miriam's gift is limited in that she knows all the details EXCEPT where the event takes place. So she kicks around the country thumbing rides and following those who are soon to be departing and then relieves them of their cash and credit cards to further fund her rambles. Miriam is not a killer, no, no. And she is not happy with the hand she's been dealt. She's just marking time, waiting for her own demise so she can finally be free of this curse.

To say the humor in this book is black would be an understatement. Miriam's wise-cracking, damaged mind comes up with some of the best dialog in the book. And of course, I am a cover whore, so this one had me hooked right away. And, there will be a second book forthcoming, Mockingbird. Looking forward to it!