Earthly Delights - Kerry Greenwood Earthly Delights is the first in contemporary series by Kerry Greenwood, author of the popular Phryne Fisher series. This one is set in modern Melbourne and our heroine is a chubby baker named Corinna Chapman. Corinna used to be a CPA but ditched her job (and her husband) to pursue her love of baking. She has moved into a wonderful building called the Insula in a not-so-wonderful part of Melbourne but the location is unique and her neighbors are interesting. All is going fairly well for Corinna until one morning when she steps out in the alley while we ovens are heating and discovers an over-dosed heroin junkie on her grate. She manages to call emergency and then performs CPR on the girl until they show up. As the girl is being led away by paramedics, a mysterious man shows up, calms the girl down, and thanks Corinna for her help. The man is named Daniel and he has the audacity to tell her she is beautiful before walking into the dawn.

Funny in parts, light on the mystery aspect. The only thing I struggled with were the references to Australian politics or pop culture but it was nothing to take me out of the story. Enjoyable, recommended for my cozy friends.