The Dead (The Enemy #2) - Charlie Higson "The Dead" takes place one year prior to the previous book, "The Enemy". It starts with a group of boys in a boarding school trying to survive attacks from their former teachers who are now zombies. The boys hold off the teachers for as long as they can but soon become overwhelmed and decide to search for a safer place. They can't decide which is the safer choice, heading for London or heading for the countryside, and end up splitting into two groups. One group, lead by Ed, heads to the countryside, while the other group, lead by Jack, marches off toward the city.

A series of events lead up to Ed's group getting rescued by a crazy bus driver, Greg. Greg is an adult but seems to be unaffected by the disease that causes everyone over the age of 16 to become zombies. Greg and his son Liam have taken a bus and are headed to London and collected a few children along the way. They are cruising along with Ed and remainder of his group when they come across Jack his band of travelers. All end up on the bus to London with Greg. And it is a nightmare trip!

They eventually make it to London but now they have to find a new shelter and food and weapons. And Jack still has it in his head that he will make it back to his own home and make that a safe place for himself. There are "sickos" all over London and all the good hiding places are all ready occupied. So Ed and Jack and the other kids from the bus have to figure out survival in the city.

Enjoyed it very much. It sets up some of the stage for the people and events in the first book. Can't wait to see what is next!