Half the Blood of Brooklyn: A Novel - Charlie Huston I love this series! This time Joe is sent over the river to visit other clans and try to recruit them into the Society. He and Lydia, one of the Society higher-ups, are on a mission to recruit a clan calling themselves The Freaks. They arrive at their destination, a lonely stretch of Coney Island, to come upon a circus tent with the freakiest of freak shows in progress. Turns out, these are the Freaks and they are truly freaky. After the show Joe and Lydia try to meet with the "ring master", after he finishes stuffing his guts back in his body (it's part of the show), but all hell breaks loose when the tent is suddenly attacked with arrows and knife-wielding Vampyres. They are a rival clan, The Children of Benjamin, a "cursed" clan of Jews whose vyrus dates back before Christ. And they are bad-ass, no doubt.

As usual, all sort of slaughter and mayhem take place, revenge is sought, retribution is brought and all things shake out in the end. But several key events take place. Evie, Joe's human girlfriend, is dying of AIDS. Joe's attempt to help her goes badly wrong (no spoilers). Major changes take place in the hierarchy of The Enclave. And Joe, well, Joe is no longer safe anywhere in Manhattan. I can't wait for the next one!!!!