No Dominion - Charlie Huston Joe Pitt gets mixed up in a nasty double-cross and, as usual, he's on the losing end of it...

There is a new drug going around the Island of Manhattan and it's causing havoc among the newly converted. Seems that this drug is the only way for a Vampyre to get high, or at least feel the high they did before the Vyrus. Terry Bird, head of The Society, asks Joe to "look into it" and find out where it's coming from and who's dealing it. This mission leads Joe on a journey Uptown which means he has to cross through Coalition territory and connect with someone in The Hood. To make matters worse, he must journey in daylight to avoid encountering Coalition enforcers if at all possible.

Another very fun entry in the Joe Pitt series. This one had me humming the theme song from that old movie "The Warriors" from the time Joe makes it to The Hood to the point where he manages to get back below 14th, back to Society territory. It was so fun, and I really love the pulpy-, noir feel these books have. The Vampyre twist just makes them even better!

On to the next one, "All the Blood in Brooklyn". Can't wait!