The Naming of the Beasts - Mike Carey This is the last of the Felix Castor series and I enjoyed the ride!

Three weeks after the absolute fiasco of the last book, Fix slowly comes out of the drunken stupor that has kept him from having to face the tragic mistakes he made and the horror of Asmodeus' escape. At an absolute loss as to what to do next, Fix decides to join forces with his nemesis, Jenna-Jane Mullbridge, who has more resources at her disposal and less interference from the powers that be. He shows up at J-J's office, MOU headquarters, to find another familiar face, Trudie Pax, who has left the employ of Father Gwillam, Fix's other arch-nemesis. Fix isn't too happy to see her, especially after the double-cross that she was a party to in the disaster at the Salisbury Estate.

Things take off with the gruesome murder of a woman who turns out to be Rafi's former girlfriend. This is the beginning of a blood-trail that will eventually lead to Rafi/Asmodeus. As usual though, things aren't what they seem and there are several stones that get turned, with all sorts of creepy crawlies exposed. Juliet, Fix's succubus friend, starts to lose her tenuous grasp on "humanity" and attacks her lover. Fix starts finding strange summoning stones around places that he frequents, and a strange haunting in a downtown health club has taken the lives and the sanity of several exorcists. And nobody can get a fix on Asmodeus' location...

Lots of fun and a good resolution to all arcs from previous books. Much recommended!