A Red Herring Without Mustard - Alan Bradley Oh, Flavia! You silly, mixed up little kid...

Bless her heart, she has done it again! Flavia de Luce, our precocious eleven year old heroine, gets herself in another big mess starting with setting a gypsy tent on fire (it was an accident!). Then she stumbles across the battered body of the gypsy, after promising her safe shelter in the Palings, a strip of land on the Buckshaw estate where the de Luce family lives. She manages to get help for the gypsy and saves her life, but then stumbles across another dead body, this one dangling by a rope from the Poseidon statue on the Buckshaw grounds. What in the world is going on?

I love Flavia and her attempts to impress her family and the police with her brilliance make my heart want to break! I am starting to see some rays hope in the way her Father is now showing some interest in her doings, and how her sisters are becoming a little more receptive to her attempts at regaining some of the loving familial relationships that had previously had, when Flavia was younger. They are still perfectly horrid to her, though I must admit, Flavia deserves some of it with her chemical "enhancement" of her sister's makeup and the destruction of family heirlooms in the name of science.

Loved it!