Already Dead - Charlie Huston This was really fun! I like these genre-twisting books. This one is about a guy who works for the Vampyre clans of NYC. These clans are usually competing groups who control the paranormal interests of Manhattan and greater NYC. One clan, The Coalition, controls the area above 14th street, up past Central Park, to around 116th street. Another clan, The Society, runs the area below 14th with other pockets of smaller clans, as well, through out Manhattan and the outer Burroughs. These clans are comprised of local vampyres and they keep the peace among the supernaturals and the humans.

Joe Pitt is an enforcer but he has gone rogue and refuses to affiliate himself with any of the other clans. But he does good work, and he always has one or the other of the clans asking for his assistance. In this tale, he is asked by the head of The Coalition to find a local big-wigs missing daughter. The big-wig is the head of a leading Bio-Tech firm who is not a supernatural but is "in the know" on the status quo of vampyres and other non-humans in the area. Joe reluctantly takes the job but as is usual, things quickly go from bad to worse when someone beats the crap out of Joe then steals his blood stash so he cannot heal.

A combination of noir and horror with a little vampyre and zombie thrown in for fun, I had a great time reading this. Check it out if you liked the Mike Carey "Fix Castor" series.