Royal Blood - Rhys Bowen Lady Georgiana is back in London, living alone in the house in Belgravia with tea and toast and very little else. She receives a letter from her snooty sister-in-law, Fig, asking Georgie to prepare the house for her and Georgie's brother Binky's, arrival in Town for the winter. Georgie is praying for a way to avoid dealing with the two of them when she receives a summons from Queen Mary. Her prayer is answered when Queen Mary sends her to Transylvania to represent the royal family at the wedding of the Prince of Bulgaria and the Princess of Romania.

The handsome Irish rogue, Darcy O'Mara is back and Lady Georgie has her friend of few morals, Belinda, with her at the castle for the wedding. Of course, murder soon appears in the form of a poisoning and the house party becomes snowed in while awaiting the arrival of their Majesties from Romania and Bulgaria. Georgie and Darcy try to figure this one out while avoiding being implicated themselves. Georgiana also has to find a way to correct a serious misunderstanding with Prince Fishface, err, I mean, Prince Siegfried, when he once again asks her to marry him, and she unwittingly agrees.

This is another cute entry in the Lady Georgie series and was fun and entertaining. These are much lighter than the Molly Murphy series, also written by Rhys Bowen. I like both series quite a bit and will continue tokeep up with them.