Thicker Than Water - Mike Carey Well, the shit really hits the fan in this one. Felix "Fix" Castor, exorcist-extraordinaire is faced with a massive entity that is causing havoc in the Salisbury Estate in South London. He is also implicated in the mysterious stabbing death of a former childhood nemesis, who happens to have lived in the Salisbury. Fix goes to investigate and runs into Father Gwillam, the Pope's favorite exorcist and his band of soldiers. Then Fix's older brother, Father Matthew, shows up too and Fix is REALLY confused.

Family secrets, self-harm, demonic possession, stalking, and kidnapping, along with various and sundry attempts at murder and mayhem ensue. Oh, and remember Fix's demon possessed BFF, Rafi? Well, Fix broke him out the "sanitarium" where he was being contained and had him stashed with the Ice-Maker, a woman with the ability to keep the demon Asmodeus contained. Guess what happens?

Huge major cliff-hanger at the end, and I am headed to the library this weekend to find the next one in this series. Loved it!