Bloodshot - Cherie Priest I enjoyed this story quite a bit. It had sort of a "vampire noir" feel to it. The detective in this new series by Cherie Priest is Raylene Pendle. Raylene has spent years finding things for people, the lost family jewels, the missing heirlooms, the incriminating pictures, the pornographic videos, etc. She is known among the international thieving community as "Cheshire Red" and she has a reputation for getting the job done.

Her latest job is a little more unusual in that her client is blind and he is also a vampire, as is Raylene. Raylene tends to avoid people of her kind because of the politics that are prevalent in the different vampire Houses. This case intrigues her, as does Ian, her new client. It seems Ian was blinded after being turned into a vampire. He was kidnapped and subjected to scientific experiments in a secret government laboratory off the coast of Florida on an island called Jordan Roe. As a result of these experiments, he was left handicapped as were several other "non-human" people that were also being held at Jordan Roe.

Ian eventually managed to escape and now, years later he has been in contact with a doctor that can possibly help him get his sight back. But in order to get help, Ian needs the documents from Jordan Roe that detail the exact nature of the experiments that were done on him. The island was decommissioned many years agao and all the documents were moved to a government facility in Minnesota which was later broken into by someone who stole all the documents from Jordan Roe. Ian needs Raylene to track down these documents or else he will never be able to get his sight restored. But someone else is monitoring these files, and now they are onto Raylene, too. It's up to her to get them before they get her and to protect her blind client from even further grief.

Enjoyed it, look forward to the next in this series!