The Radleys - Matt Haig Excellent little story of family secrets and what happens when a tightly woven lie begins to unravel.

In this story, Peter and Helen Radley have moved out to a pleasant village in the English country-side to raise their children, Rowan and Clara. They wanted to escape their wild life in London and live a quiet, ordinary life with their children and live a peaceful, normal life... Well, as normal a life as you can have, when you are an Abstainer, a "non-practicing" vampire.

Their quiet life takes a decidedly non-quiet turn when teenaged Clara is attacked at party by another teen boy and goes vamp on him and kills him. Her parents are now faced with explaining the family secret to the kids, who had no idea they were vamipres, and finding a way to cover-up this murder.

Lots of fun, good family drama, and a nice resolution. Recommended for folks who like vampire stories but don't want all the Twilight teen drama or vampire paranormal romance.