The Dark Deeps - Arthur Slade "The Dark Deeps" is the second in the Hunchback Assignments series. This one has Modo, the hunchback, and Octavia, a fellow agent in the Permanent Association, setting off to NYC posing as a young married couple. They are assigned to look in on a fellow agent who was due to check in but failed to do so. What they find leads them to a set of coordinates off the coast of Iceland. A "sea monster" has been sinking ship in the area and Mr. Socrates orders them to investigate.

This was lots of fun! I loved the idea of the undersea city and the fanciful submarine. I wanted to have more interaction with Octavia though. Colette was interesting but I think there is more to the relationship Modo has with Tavia that could have been expanded on in this book. Oh well, maybe this will be in the next one.