Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry Loved this! It was zombie killers a la Clint Eastwood. There was a western flavor to this that I really liked.

Benny Imura is fifteen years old and looking for a job. His older brother Tom is a bounty hunter but Benny can't stand the idea of working with him because Tom is a coward. What kind of "man" would run away from his parents and not try to save them from the zombie horde? But that's just what Tom did, taking his infant brother Benny with him.

Now, fourteen years later, they live in the relative safety of Mountainside but Benny is far from happy especially because town law says that at fifteen his food rations are to be cut off unless he can find a job. Jobs being hard to come by, Benny's hand is forced and he agrees to become Tom's apprentice. For Benny's first day on the job Tom takes him out into the "Rot & Ruin", the world beyond the high fences of Mountainside. This is where Tom does his work. His bounties are zombies and his clients are the family members of these former humans. He calls himself a "Closure Specialist", giving relief to these poor zombies and their families by quieting them for good. But there are other bounty hunters out there in the Rot & Ruin, ones with a far less noble purpose. When Benny comes face to face with what they are up to he is horrified. But this knowledge also brings Benny and his friends and familiy into danger and circumstances bring him out in the Rot & Ruin to try to stop these evil bounty hunters.

Wow, this was a fun a book! I hope this going to be a series. (Please, Mr. Maberry?)