Soft Apocalypse - Will McIntosh What happens when our government begins to lose it's authority, disease is rampant and unemployment is the norm, not the exception? A "soft apocalypse", that's what. No asteroids, no nukes, no zombies. Just an agonizingly slow decline into chaos.

This is the story of Jasper and his "tribe" as they make their way through Georgia to Savannah and try to live as "normally" as possible in a world gone a little mad. There are designer viruses and out-of-control militias. There are truly frightening cults with drugs like Dr. Happy which makes everything "better" and there are crazy extremists who horrific stunts to make their statement.

I found this scenario entirely believable and could identify with their bewilderment as civilization as they knew it declined. If you like this genre, give this one a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.