Fire And Ice (Liam Campbell, #1) - Dana Stabenow This is a newer series from Dana Stabenow. Her Kate Shugak series has been very successful. This one is about Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell. Liam's life is a mess after he ends a love affair and decides to make a better go at life with his wife, Jenny, and their little son only to have them taken from him in a drunk-driving accident. His son is killed instantly and Jenny is left in a vegetative state, sustained by life support.

Liam has pretty much checked out of life when more tragedy srikes. A family of five dies of exposure on his watch. He didn't make the decisions not to respond when calls from the victims' family to search for them went unanswered but the troopers who did were under his command and he was not paying much attention. Liam finds himself busted down from sargent back to trooper rank and reassigned from Anchorage to a backwoods post in Newenham that nobody wants to work.

He literally steps off the plane at the new post and walks straight into a murder investigation. There in front of him lies a man, or at least the torso of a man. The man's head is gone, taken off by the propeller of plane he appeared to be priming for flight. And much to Liam's surprise, the pilot of this plane is none other than the love of his life, the one he gave up to go back to Jenny, Wyanet Chouinard. Talk about a great set up!

This was fun, a decent mystery and a cool setting. Liam and Wy had me cringing a bit with the first love scene but the action and pacing of the rest of the story were good and though I guessed much of the "who-dunnit" some of the other bits still surprised me. On to the next in this series!