The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan - Nancy Springer Another good story in the Enola Holmes series. This one has Enola to rescue, after Lady Cecily is again in grave peril! Enola is resting in the Ladie's Public Lavatory after a day of shopping when she encounters Lady Cecily (from The Case of the Left-Handed Lady). Cecily is dressed in a very curious and cumbersome gown and seems to be in the process of shopping for her trousseau. Lady Cecily manages to ask Enola for help using the language of fans before her guardians whisk he away and Enola is once again on the trail after Lady Cecily.

These Enola Holmes mysteries are quite fun! This one has Enola stumbling over Sherlock, even rescuing him, as he too, has been asked to investigate Lady Cecily's disappearance. Enola is still out on her own, managing her business and living in the rooming house with Mrs. Tupper. I enjoy seeing how she has grown and continues to mature and find her way in London, and avoid the "protection" of her brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock. It breaks my heart a little to see her detaching herself from them and their good intentions, and also from her mother, who still has not tried to contact Enola and is still missing, as far as the Holmes' are concerned.

One to the next in the series!