Ship Breaker - Paolo Bacigalupi Please tell me this is the first in a series! I really liked this and I hope to read more about Nailer, Pima and Nita and the world they live in.

I live along the Gulf Coast and this world captured my imagination. The story is set on the oil slicked Gulf Coast in a world where everything has fallen apart and the cities of today are now under water. Nailer and Pima work the "light crew", stripping valuable copper and aluminum from the hulking wrecks of old freighters and oil tankers. The crews that work this stretch of beach are divided into light crew and heavy crew and once you get too large for light crew, you have to fight for a spot on a heavy crew. Life on Bright Sands Beach is full of back-breaking labor, dangerous conditions, and near-starvation. If the job doesn't kill you, the polluted environment will.

Things take a radical turn for Nailer and Pima after a "city-killer", a massive hurricane, sweeps through their beach, nearly killing Nailer's father, the evil Richard Lopez. Only due to the efforts of Pima's mother, does Lopez survive. In the aftermath of the storm, Nailer and Pima decide to scavenge through the debris far up the beach, to an area that is an island during high-tide but accessible by a strip of sand during low-tide. What they find there could change their lives. It's a clipper ship, beached and broken, and one lone survivor, a beautiful "swank" girl, with more riches on her fingers than Pima and Nailer could hope to earn in their entire lives. Could she be their ticket out of Bright Sands? Maybe, but they would have to keep alive and safe until her people come for her. And Bright Sands is full of predators, including Richard Lopez, who will stop at nothing to get his "lucky strike", even if it means killing his only child to get it.

Love this book, can't wait to read more!