Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1) - Amanda Hocking Not a whole to say here. It was "okay", sort of clunky. There was very little character development and I never connected or really even understood what made these characters do what they did. Finn was so engimatic and brooding but I have no idea why. Wendy was too trusting for someone described as "difficult". I found it very hard to believe that this girl just accepted that her family wasn't really her family, and just went off with this strange guy to her new troll home... very hokey. And there is a whole lot of "smirking" and pajama wearing. I don't know, I have a ton of nit-picky stuff that just annoyed me. Like why is Wendy sooooo freaking attracted to a guy she thought was a creepy stalker only a day or two earlier. And why didn't she question anything or try to figure things out, like what happened to the kid she was switched with... I think I'll skip the rest of this trilogy.