Carved in Bone - Jefferson Bass This is the first in a now established series by the writing team of Bill Bass, a real forensic professor at the University of Tennessee, and Jon Jefferson, a writer and reported. You can definitely tell this is a first effort. I found some of the humor and dialog to be a little immature and clunky in several places. I also found it difficult to believe that this widower is suddenly being seduced and fawned over by not one, but two college girls. Really??? Not too believable.

The mystery part was pretty good and the forensics information was interesting. The Body Farm wasn't really a major part of the story which is what I thought this was going to be about. The story ends up following a couple of cases. One is court case that was botched by a shoddy autopsy, the second is a body found in a cave. This second body has been entirely encased in adipocere, the solidified body fat that was left as the flesh decomposed. Creepy! I also enjoyed the eastern Tennessee setting. I don't know much about the hills of Tennessee so it was quite a lot of fun imagining the characters and accents and places.

Will definitely be looking for the second in the series.