The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 'Stieg Larsson' I don't feel that I can review this and say any more than what has already been said. I am glad to have finally been able to get to it and I enjoyed the story very much. For those that haven't yet read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, be warned. This starts off very slowly but the second half is just lightning quick. I had to force myself to get to bed on time for a few days because I really wanted to keep going. So don't give up on this too soon. It's worth pushing through.

Also, beware. The crimes against women and children were horrific and sometimes difficult to read, although these are not extremely graphic depiction of those crimes. It was just so gripping, I had tears in my eyes at several points. Not to give anything away but there were moments in this book where I was cheering and other moments when I felt too sad or angry to keep reading.

Overall, a solid four stars. Will definitely be reading the next in the series.