Discord's Apple - Carrie Vaughn Evie Walker is a writer, a graphic novelist, living in L.A. in a world where militias run the cities of the U.S. and the world is on the brink of nuclear destruction. When she receives word that her dad, Frank, is sick, she climbs in her car and races off to Colorado to take care of her last surviving parent. Her mom was killed in a terrorist attack at the Pike Place Market in Seattle five years earlier and Evie is terrified of losing her dad.

Upon arriving at Franks's home, previously the home of her grandparents, Evie comes face to face with various strangers, each coming to the house to ask her father if he has "something" for them. And the really odd thing is, in most cases he does. Frank is the caretaker of the Storeroom, a place where magical items have been stored for centuries. The job has been passed from eldest child to eldest child for over three thousand years. And Evie is next in line for the job.

I wasn't sure how to classify this. It's sort of urban-fanatasy but it's based on mythology, magic, wizardry, politics, hell, even King Arthur shows up! All in all, a very creative and new take on fantasy and legend which I enjoyed thoroughly. Is this going to be a new series? I hope so.