The Darkling Curse - Chris Mould Stanley and Daisy face the Darkling family, who make a claim on Candlestick Hall and move in. Stanley has to prove legal ownership before the dastardly Darklings kill him!

Another entry in the Something Wickedly Weird series, this one opens with Stanley and Daisy discovering the secret to the Silver Casket and it's contents. They are all ready to begin their next adventure when a knock at door brings them face to face with the Darkling family. We don't learn any more about the silver casket or it's contents because Stanley and Daisy have to contend with other problems first.

So I guess I won't find out what happens. I think there are a few more in the series but I don't want to go find them. One thing I really liked very much about this series is the artwork. The cover art is all in silhouette which is what initally caught my attention and the drawings in each book are very cute. I recommend these for 4th and 5th graders.