The Silver Casket  - Chris Mould Stanley Buggles is back at Crampton Rock and something BIG is coming to Candlestick Hall. Can Stanley and Daisy once again save the day?

The third entry in the Something Wickedly Weird series brings Stanley and Daisy face to face with the undead. The Ibis, a magical token that had been concealed in the belly of a mounted pike, has been exposed to water and triggered the Awakening, a call to all the pirate undead. Hoardes of pirate corpses rise from their graves, be they on land or at sea, and all set out to find the Ibis to unlock the secret of the Silver Casket. The worst of the lot is Angel Cuzco, a real fallen angel who believes his claim to the Ibis is ultimate and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Again, a little disjointed in the telling, but still a good story. I have the fourth in the series at home. I'll read it and I believe that will be it for me but there are problably many 10 year olds out there who will enjoy this series and eagerly move on to the next.