Safelight - Shannon Burke Safelight almost was a DNF for me but I kept reading because it was such a short book. I am glad I finished it.

My first impression with this one was, "This is so disgusting, what is wrong with this guy?" I didn't like Frank or his friends, I was disgusted by their behavior and their treatment of the trauma victims they encountered. I was completely baffled at the photography liberties that Frank took. What kind of jerk takes pictures of a fresh suicide without feeling some kind of, I don't kow, feeling? Then Frank starts a relationship with Emily, an HIV positive girl, and I am wondering what his motives are behind this new relationship. So I kept reading.

Let's just say that once I understood where Frank was coming from and I began to see him change, I began to relate to him and his choices. And as I watched Emily's life fade away and Frank take care of her, I realized that my disgust for Frank had faded as well. In the end, I have to say that I really liked this little book.