Boneshaker - Cherie Priest No longer a vital city, Seattle is now completely walled off to contain a poisonous gas that now seeps from the city's underground areas after a man-made disaster caused havoc to the city center. The gas, called Blight, killed thousands of Seattle's inhabitants then caused them to be resurrected as flesh-craving zombies. A giant wall was erected to contain both the zombies and the gas.

Briar Wilkes lives with her son in the Outskirts, a dreary, poisoned place on the fringes of what used to be the great city of Seattle. She is an outcast in the community, she and her fifteen year-old son, Zeke. Her husband, Leviticus Blue, was the inventor of the machine that caused the disaster that let the gas loose in Seattle and no one has forgotten that fact, least of all their son, Zeke. And Zeke wants to prove, once and for all, that his father was a good man. So he strikes off on his own, into the drainage tunnels that lead out of the walled city to find out what he can about what really happened sixteen years ago.

This was really fun! I am looking forward to the next in the series. Briar was awesome and, as a mom to a teen aged son, I totally identified with her panic and the lengths she went to in order to find her son and get him to safety. I enjoyed reading about the inhabitants of the city and hope to see more of the air pirates in the next book. Great steampunk fun!