The Icy Hand - Chris Mould Stanley heads back to Crampton Rock for his winter break, his second visit to the island after inheriting the old mansion from his great-uncle, Admiral Bartholomew Swift. Now Stanley is back with Mrs. Carelli and his crumbling old property. A new friends is made when Stanley is introduced to Daisy, the niece of the old fisherman, Mr. Grouse.

When we last left Stanley at the end of Book One, he had prevailed over a some dastardly pirates and a werewolf then unwittingly set off another chain of events, the awakening of the Stormbringers. Now the Stormbringers are on their way, coming to Crampton Rock to claim what they believe to be theirs. Uncle Bart's ghost comes to assist and the mounted pike lends his wisdom again to save the day.

Another nice story, although there are some clear plot holes and things were left a little loose. I'll pick up the next one tonight.