The Wooden Mile - Chris Mould When eleven year old Stanley Buggles inherits a house from an unknown great-uncle, he has no idea what lies ahead. His parents put him on the train and send off to Crampton Rock for the summer to take possession of his new property. Things aren't quite that simple, as Stanley soon discovers. Before he can set foot on Crampton Rock, he has to present the proper documents proving that he is a land-owner. Only those that actually own property on the island are allowed to cross the wooden mile, a long wooden bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

After presenting his deed to the mayoress, Stanley is soon welcomed to the island. He is led to his new home by his house keeper, Mrs. Carelli who is his guardian for the summer. Stanley is absolutley delighted with the house and the island but when night falls a distinctly different feeling comes over the island. All the villagers scurry inside, warning bells are sounded and watchtowers are mounted. What could they be so afraid of? Stanley soon finds out.

I enjoyed this, the first in the series "Something Wickedly Weird". Stanley is engaging and the other island inhabitants make an interesting cast. The story is a little disjointed and I wasn't thrilled with the ending. I will be reading the rest of the series though.