Fool - Christopher Moore "Fool" was absolutely hysterical, so many laugh out loud moments, my family kept asking what was so funny. I found myself laughing and shouting out lines to the family, it was so funny!

"Fool" is a retelling of Shakespeare's "King Lear" but told from the point of view of Lear's fool, Pocket. You don't really need more than a basic understanding of "King Lear" before starting this so don't let that stop you from picking this one up.

The story of the orphan Pocket's rearing in the nunnery by Mother "Basil" and his fellow nuns, Pocket's initiation into all things carnal by the anchoress of the abbey set the tone for things to come. His lewd and lascivious behavior toward the kings's elder daughters, Goneril and Regan was juxtaposed against his tender and truly loving feelings toward Lear's youngest, Cordelia, who was banished to fucking France where she married Queen Jeff. Goneril and Regan are heinous, truly awful. I thoroughly enjoyed the trick that Pocket played on them. They got what they deserved!

I also was touched by Pocket's relationship with his apprentice, the Natural fool, Drool. Drool was the ultimate lovable idiot and wily Pocket did his best to take care of him. Pocket's deference to the king was also touching, even after he learned of Lear's treachery and the great wrong he had committed against Pocket.

I don't what else to say about this other than I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Shakespeare, bawdy humor or "heinous fuckery most foul"!