A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson This is the first travelogue by Bill Bryson that I've read. Parts of it were very funny and I found myself giggling out loud several times. Bryson's wry humor makes this more than just a hiking story and his writing style kept me reading. The one thing that keeps this from a five star read is the rants he goes on from time to time. I could have done with fewer rants.

Bryson and Katz made an interesting sort of "odd couple" hiking team. I was touched by the relationship between the two especially as they make their way into Maine to finish the final leg of the AT. I also enjoyed the historical and geological information Bryson manages to sneak in while I'm enjoying their hike. The history and anecdotal information is relevant and added great depth to the story.

I'm giving this four stars and have picked up another Bryson, In a Sunburned Country. Looking forward to it!