Cursed - Jeremy C. Shipp I am not sure how to review this. I really liked it and I will read more from Mr. Shipp. His "Vacation" looks very interesting....

I think what I liked the most about this was the style in which it was written. I loved the lists. I was amused with the way the lists could be reused and applied to different converstaions and situations. I also liked how some chapters always followed the same opening format with the dream sequence having different characters but all doing the same things as previous dream characters. That was neat.

I thought Nicholas and Cicely were so funny and their dicussions highly entertaining. I can see myself having a dinner party with them, eating Smurf tacos and drinking snowflake juice. It would be a good time! And Gordon and Meta would be there, too, maybe Sol would bring Brienda. And at the end of an evening of fun and stimulating conversation I would give Cicely a big hug, slap the crap out of Nicholas, and thank them both for a wonderful evening.

Yeah, I know, I didn't tell you what the book was about. Just read it, you'll like it!