Sandry's Book  - Tamora Pierce Sandry's Book is the first in the Circle of Magic series. It begins with Lady Sandrilene who is alone and afraid after being hidden by magic in a small storeroom by her nurse, to keep her safe from a smallpox outbreak and rioting villagers. Her nurse is killed and Sandry is left for a very long time without light and only her needlework to keep her company. She is found by Niko, a mage, who was able to locate her and save her from the dark and lonely room where she was held safe. Her parents and nurse are now dead so Niko delivers her to her uncle, Duke Vedris, who lives near the Winding Circle temple. The duke is a widower, who's children are all grown, so it is decided that Sandry shall go to live at the Winding Circle temple with other children who have been sent there to study.

We are also introduced to the other three members of the Circle of Magic, Daja, Briar, and Trisana. These three come from very different walks of life and are brought together by Niko, who seems to be acting on a vision or a prophecy in seeking out these four and bringing them to study at the Winding Circle temple. Daja is a Trader and the sole survivor when her family's trading ship sinks in dangerous seas. She is saved from the sea by Niko but then cast out by her people for being "bad luck". Briar is a thief, twice convicted, who is arrested and sent for his final sentencing. He is saved when Niko offers to take him to Winding Circle instead of punishment. Trisana is the daughter of a merchant who's strange powers have terrified her family, causing them to send her away, time and time again. She is expelled from yet another boarding school after strange weather causes chaos at the school. Niko is there visiting the the director and offers to take Tris to the Winding Circle instead of trying to convince yet another relative or school to take her.

The four children are brought together at the Discipline House after having been rejected by the other houses of the Winding Circle for various reasons. They begin to form a tenuous friendship and find that they all have something in common, a hidden ability in magic that until coming to Winding Circle, had remained untapped or misunderstood.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series. It was a quick read and I expect to gulp down the next three pretty quickly!