Odd Hours - Dean Koontz This Odd Thomas story took off like a rocket and then seemed meander off into some strange series of events, leading up to, well, I'm not at all sure what.

Odd is working as a caretaker/cook for an old movie star in a place called Magic Beach. He goes for a walk one night and comes across a young girl, a very pregnant young girl, who is sitting out on the pier where Odd likes to walk. He's dreamt of this girl and the prophetic nature of his dreams leads him to believe that "something bad" is about to happen and she will be involved. He begins talking to her, she tells him some mumbo-jumbo about "all things in their time" and then asks him if he would die for her. He says, "Yes", she gives him her necklace and then the bad guys show up.

From there, the story takes off and the action is non-stop but somewhat disjointed. There are repeated mentions of things that are supernatural in nature but are never explained or really even a central part of the story. I suspect that the next Odd adventure will involve these supernatural events and the young girl. Where are you going with this, Dean? Have you been taking notes from SK? I was getting a sort of "The Stand" kind of vibe from this... Not sure if I like it though. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens next