The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman I loved this book! It's the story of a boy called Nobody, "Bod", who is adopted by the ghosts of Master and Mistress Owens, residents of the ancient graveyard down the street from his home. A killer left the back door open and little Bod toddled out while his family was being murdered. Bod is raised with loving care by all the residents of the graveyard, including his mysterious guardian, Silas, who is neither living nor dead. Despite obvious challenges, he grows to be a fine young man and I had no doubt that he would go out and meet all the potential that Silas believed he would find once he left the world of the graveyard. I cried when he said goodbye to his mother and I was rooting for him to go find a life with the living. All in all, another great tale from a master storyteller.