Vicious Circle  - Mike Carey I really like the the blend of mystery/noir and paranormal/occult in the Felix (Fix) Castor series. The mystery element is the real meat of the story, not just a sub-plot to carry the paranormal elements along. In some ways Felix reminds of my favorite P.I. Jack Taylor who is the lead in a series by Ken Bruen. Although his backstory is a lot less tragic than Jack's, Felix regularly gets his ass kicked and somehow manages to get himself strapped up with enough banadages, booze, prescription drugs to get back on the case.

In this story, Fix is hired by a couple looking to get their kidnapped daughter back. The twist to this missing person's case (not giving anything away) is that the missing girl is already dead. It's her ghost that was kidnapped. What ensues is a story that is quite interesting and complex, with demons and satanists and a secret religious order that is ready to defend the world from evil. This was definitely a good read for those of us who don't need to "believe" and just want to be entertained.

I read the first in the series and liked it enough to read this one. I am not a fan of graphic novels so I'd had no previous exposure to Mr. Carey's work. I liked this one very much and hope that there is a third in the series as I would like to know how Fix is doing now that he is homeless.