Greywalker - Kat Richardson I was very interested in this one when I first heard about it. I liked the the Dreseden Files and this sounded somewhat along those same lines.

Having read it, I still like the premise, PI investigates the paranormal, but this first one was a little bit difficult to get through. I realize the author was setting up the characters and the scene for the next books in the series but I found myself a bit bored in places and things slowed in spots where it might have been better to keep the momemtum going.

I will definately look for the next in the series as I did like Harper Blaine and want to see what she does with her new abilities and new clientele. It did remind me of Harry Dresden although it lacked the snappy dialogue of the Jim Butcher series. And poor Harper seems doomed to single-hood, just like Harry. I hope the next in the series is a little more fast paced though.