Black Magic Woman - Justin Gustainis This was a good first novel. I enjoyed the story and I look forward to reading the next in the series. However, there were a couple things that really didn't sit well with me. First, Qunicey calls some of his clients "podner". As a Texan, I don't know ANYONE who calls anyone "podner". How fake is that?

Another thing that didn't quite fit were the remarks made about Libby's sexuality. The timing and "banter" about her bisexuality seemed very contrived.

I also would have liked more links between the two investigative teams. The South African/African American investigators were an interesting combination. I don't know if they will return in later books but I found FBI agent Fenton and South African Occult Crimes investigator Van Dreenan to be a very unique pairing. I would like to read more about them and more on how Libby met Van Dreenan.