Sharp Teeth - Toby Barlow Like many who have reviewed this book, I was in love with the book cover without ever opening the book. I loved the red linen-y cover with that slickery black dog imprint... so cool!

Then I opened the book and thought "Poetry? WTF? I thought this was paranormal-romance-ish book about werewolves... Oh well, I'll give a try."

And I am glad I did. The story is fairly typical but the style in which it is told makes this book rate so highly with me. The free-verse format reminded me of the Ellen Hopkins YA books that my daughter loves, and I read through this one with the same speed as my dear daughter devoured the Hopkins books. I was frankly surprised when I got to the end. I was reading along, the pace and the action kept me turning pages and then I realized I had come to the end. I was satisfied, even happy. Thanks, Toby Barlow, I enjoyed it!